Mark Shilobrit has had his head in the clouds as long as he can remember. While striving to reach his goals, Shilobrit has accomplished feats that others only dream about.

Currently a successful commercial airline pilot, he also worked several years as a TV weatherman after earning his degree in Meteorology. In his early twenties, he also discovered the world of comedy, which provided a perfect outlet for his exceptional ability to make people laugh. Twenty years ago, Shilobrit honed his craft at the Second City Player’s Workshop in Chicago – the well-known “finishing school” for many cast members who have starred on Saturday Night Live.

Since then, he has entertained thousands across the country with a combination of wry wit, political and social commentary, and quirky observations. His forte is an endless stream of dead-on impressions, including celebrities from TV and film, classic comedians, cartoon characters and every President since Richard Nixon.

A proven professional, Shilobrit’s credits include headlining appearances nationwide at comedy clubs and corporate events, and he has been an opening act for many of the top comics, such as Jay Leno, Dana Carvey, Drew Carey, Dennis Miller, Gilbert Gottfried and many others.

If you want a versatile performer who offers an evening of high energy and intelligent entertainment, then Mark Shilobrit is for you. His act contains no additives, trans-fats, preservatives or artificial ingredients.