Only the best entertainment for your next event Request Booking Info

Planning an event should be fun, not stressful! However, knowing that bad entertainment can make or break your event you worked so hard to plan can make you feel stressed. Work with an entertainment booking agency to ensure you have the best entertainment for your event.

Here are 6 tips for booking quality entertainment with an entertainment booking agency.

1. Plan Early

Start booking your entertainment as early as you can. The earlier you start researching your entertainment, you’ll have a better chance of booking the talent you want. Booking through a talent or entertainment agency eliminates a step in the planning process. Let your booking agent make all the phone calls and emails to help find you the best entertainment for your event or wedding.

2. Create a Budget

Have a fairly firm idea of your budget before you call entertainment booking agent. Unless your budget is unrealistic, he or she will be able to work within your budget. If your budget just does not work with the entertainment you had in mind, the booking agent will help you find a different type of entertainment to keep you in budget.

3. Think About Location and Size of Your Event

Are you thinking about booking a five piece band for your corporation luncheon of 25 people? Live bands are fantastic entertainment, but a small luncheon might not be the best setting. Your entertainment booking agent will help you book the best entertainment for your event. An acoustic performer or string quartet would be perfect for a small group.

4. Think About the Style and Theme

Is your event family-friendly? Is it an outdoor company picnic? Think about what types of entertainment would work best for your event! Family-friendly event? Consider booking children’s entertainment like face-painting or a magician. Outdoor company picnic? Consider live bands and musicians. Relay the style and theme about your event to your booking agent.

5. Have an Open Mind

When you call a good booking agent, he or she will be able to help you plan great entertainment for your event. Even if you’re not completely sure what kind of entertainment you’re looking for, let them be you experts. Maybe you’re thinking a comedy performance would great entertainment, but you’re worried about the quality of the comedian. A booking agent will only book someone they know will do a great job!

6. Be Upfront About Special Requests

Do the musicians need to be able to perform a certain song? Need the comedian to keep it clean? Relay any special requests when you book or as early as possible. Your booking agent will be able to communicate that during booking or you can as soon as you have a special request.

Enjoy Your Event

Once the big day has arrived, take the time to enjoy the event you worked so hard to put together!